About Us

Anchoring PT Priuk Perkasa Abadi ( PPA ) Cikarang is a company engaged in the Metal Finishing services . This is a sister company of the company which has long been developing , namely PT . Wijaya Maju Elektroindo  ( WME ) is located in Cengkareng and PT . Anchoring Perkasa Abadi ( PPA ) in Tangerang . PT WME engaged in services Plating stood since the 1980s and is the oldest company . PT . Tangerang PPA is the second company , engaged in the service Coating and Plating stood since the 1990s . And PT . PPA Cikarang is the third company , engaged in the service Coating and Plating stood since 2004 ‘s and is the youngest company . Developments in PT . PPA Cikarang very rapidly once because of the help of the above two companies . Neither of the material , the experience and the people were most moving of the two companies above who have had the experience .

At PT PPA in most of the production process using a liquid chemical raw materials . The use of chemical control is very important because it involves the company’s profit and loss . With the soaring price of chemical that needs to be made a very expensive system to control its user . In order to prepare for future needs of the chemical for bookings from reports provided the system . However, the use of the chemical is still in standard SOP ( Standard Operating Procedure ) .